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Our team is made up of highly qualified, professional coaches and consultants, we have access to the very best wellbeing resources allowing us to improve your life and your business.

Our skillsets enable us to really connect with you and your team at the highest level. Understanding, learning and developing through a series of sessions designed to empower individuals, help them reach their goals to become the best version of themselves.

Life is Like a Jigsaw

by Lisa Duffield

There would be no fun or fulfilment if you put all the pieces of your life into place too quickly, so take your time and make sure each piece feels just right before you put it into place.

Lisa Duffield Centre

See What Our Clients Say

Please can we have Lisa in on a regular basis we love her energy.

Leeds - O2

Had the best nights sleep in two years after the mindfulness session, felt great! Huge thank you for the amazing presentation.

Darlington - PCSE

Lisa was amazing. I loved the guided meditation and the breathing techniques were brilliant.

York - Capita Travel and Events

Felt great after the session, relaxed and refreshed, I will definitely be practicing these techniques at home.

Newcastle - Orange Bus

Thank you Lisa for organising the quality 2 day MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) for Elevate Trust. This is part of our overall well-being strategy and we are proud to have a MHFA in all of our schools.

All staff came away sharing that not only did they enjoy the 2 days but they have gained more knowledge and awareness of mental health. They are committed and passionate to develop a culture of understanding in their schools and across the Trust of how they can support the well-being of their communities.

Elevate Trust - Academy Schools, North Yorkshire

I have had the benefit of coaching from Lisa during a very stressful and challenging period of my work and personal life recently. Covid19 has for me, like many of us, been a difficult transition period to cope with. Lisa has provided a really solid base of personal coaching to me which I have found invaluable when dealing with the challenges faced at home with family and work. Her adept skill at getting me focus on the root causes and develop strategies for coping in the crisis has really equipped me well for any situation and have to say I feel truly liberated as a result.

John O’Brien

The LDC is an amazing organisation , I’ve had coaching in mindfulness and meditation and it’s changed my life for the better . So much more relaxed and able to deal with day to day challenges.

Suzanne Birch

Please see below my testimonial. I mean every word ❤

Seeing Lisa has helped me to see the brighter side of life. I was feeling stressed and insecure, I seemed unable to change my thought patterns without help. My goal was to organise my thoughts and deal with complications in my life all while losing weight in a healthy manor. Eating has always been a coping mechanism for me. The supportive relationship that I have developed with Lisa has helped me to find a better way to cope. I have lost almost 2 stone and I feel less anxiety every day.

The process has not always been easy, but when I made the effort, I have experienced the difference. For the first time in my life I control food, it no longer controls me.
Lisa has empowered me to make the right choices about what I eat. One hour with Lisa is enough to positively dictate the events of the week to come; by the end of the session my mentality seems strengthened. I am extremely grateful for everything Lisa has helped me with. She is a wonderful hypnotherapist and a wonderful person.


Grace Collings, Guest Experience Host

After a series of back operations, I contracted Cauda equine syndrome, an infection of the nervous system in the spine, which damaged over 90% of the nerves from the waist down, I spent months in and out of hospital after returning home I was bed ridden for 9 months and told by the consultants that I would probably never walk again, I contacted Lisa as I had heard remarkable stories of how she has helped people.

After only a couple of sessions Lisa filled me with hope, determination and motivation, I used all of the techniques she suggested and increased my positivity, so much so that I astounded my Consultant when returning for a check up and got up out of my wheelchair and walked across the room, Lisa has given me my life back and I cannot thank her enough for her kindness and understanding - she is one of the most positive, energetic people you could be lucky enough to meet - she has remained in touch since I regained the ability to walk two years ago and all I can say is a huge THANK YOU.

Dave Murphy - Newark

To say that Lisa Duffield has made a life changing difference to me would be a complete understatement as it has also affected the rest of my family and been life changing for them too.

Since my first meeting with Lisa 3 and a half years ago and stopping drinking for good from that day, I have lost just over two stone, my overall health is immeasurably better, my outlook on life is so much more positive and my energy levels are great. Since that meeting I have got so much done that simply would not have been achievable without her help and encouragement.

I can not recommend this lady highly enough. She is truly an amazing person and I will always be grateful to her.