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Individual Coaching

What is Individual coaching and who is it for?

Simply put, Life Coaching can benefit everyone, Coaching is a collaborative, solution- focused, result- orientated and systematic process in which a professional coach facilitates the enhancement of life performance, life experiences, self- direction, learning and personal growth.

Our coaches are experts in empowering you to find a clear direction, unlocking your potential to optimise your performance in life, relationships and business.

At the LDC we have specialists in every area of coaching, providing you with the best tool kit to take a hold of your life and start reaching your chosen goals.

How does it work?

Here at the LDC we use several different methods that are bespoke to you as an individual, we create a programme that is designed to unlock the secret to your success.

Our coaching services:

The LDC is based in Harrogate and operates across Yorkshire, Newcastle, Manchester, London and Leeds.

If you would like to find out more about our services to improve mental health, wellbeing and life, please book your free call.


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