Clare Simister NeurOptimal Trainer

Clare Simister – NeurOptimal Trainer

Through Clare’s own experience, she realised NeurOptimal® could bring about empowering and life-changing transformations, enabling people to experience the feelings of peace, clarity and contentment she had sort – becoming part of the solution rather than stuck in the problem.

With a degree in Sports Studies and a former career in Sport and Fitness, Clare has long understood our ability to optimise human performance through nutrition and exercise. In our modern society dietary advice and gym membership abound, however for those who seek greater mental agility, focus and resilience, or simply to be more on their ‘A Game’, there has been little available to date.

Having struggled with her own demons, she has committed over 20 years to Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and many other modalities including an 11-day Vipasana silent retreat to bring about the feelings of peace, joy and contentment she so dearly sought, and knew she deserved.