Frank Kler

Frank Kler


Telecommunications Consultant, NED Chamber of Commerce, FIA Director, IET Technical Author, Apprenticeship Champion and now NHS Hospital Governor.

An early adopter of the Lisa Duffield Centre he has become a Business Mentor, Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and CBT practitioner.

Having enjoyed a successful career in telecommunications working for major Blue Chip companies together with establishing a number of technology businesses he feels it is now time to give something back and support individuals. From those just stepping on the career ladder to start-up businesses and companies seeking growth, development, support and direction.

Frank is a physically active individual, married with four children, who enjoys hiking, cycling and mountain biking.

"This innate ability to mentor and guide individuals and companies has enabled me to introduce health and wellbeing benefits into businesses. Increasing productivity and motivation as well as team building and improving morale and ultimately reducing work related stress."

A strong supporter of apprenticeships and assisting young people to make informed career choices by mentoring, motivational speaking, delivering technology seminars and presentations.

Actively involved with charity work and fund raising supporting mental health, heart and cancer charities. Recently completed an abseil of Michael Sadler building (a part of Leeds University) for the RSPCA.

His good works has been recognised and he was privileged to be invited to the Queens Garden Party.

Now an ambassador of the Lisa Duffield Centre