Lisa Duffield - Founder

Lisa Duffield – LDC Founder

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Wellbeing Expert

My journey to Mental Toughness and Resilience started at a very young age. Although I had the benefit of a very privileged upbringing, with private education and stable home-life, this all changed dramatically at the age of 14, when my parents divorced and half of the family including myself emigrated to Australia to start a new life.

During this period, without realising it at the time, I was developing my own inner resilience and toughness, developing techniques in how to cope with this dramatic disruption and the impact it had on my family and I.

On returning to the UK some years later my vocation soon became clear to me, as I had a natural ability to help and support others when in crisis, this lead me onto to study the mind, and I have since transformed many people’s lives from average to outstanding through coaching and therapy, giving them direction and support.